Welcome to the Division of Education of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

As a part of the Special Education Department within Hacettepe University, the Division of Education of Individuals with ASD is engaged in the education of individuals with ASD from a multi-disciplinary perspective. The division aims to enhance teacher education through the state of art knowledge personalized to each student with ASD, evidence-based practices, and developing and monitoring educational standards. It is our commitment to achieve excellence in independent living of individuals with ASD, research to better serve children with ASD and their parents, and inspire the next generation of teachers and researchers. Within this perspective, our division provides the students with theoretically sound training to work with individuals with ASD in various educational settings. Further aims of the division include conducting ground-breaking research and integrating specific instructions that utilize advanced technology into ASD interventions.

Our division also offers postgraduate degrees (only M.A. currently). Therefore, we attach special importance to academic-student interaction. Our students enjoy the opportunities of working closely with academic members in scientific projects through constant and extensive guidance. Moreover, they take part in observations, conduct comprehensive assessment and instruction sessions for the individuals with ASD at different levels of severity. Each student at our division is a well-qualified MA candidate who implements effective instruction and  knows how to tailor the needs and characteristics of these individuals.

We are committed to improving daily functioning of those with ASD in various academic and community settings. Thus, our division prepares future teachers who will make a difference in this highly demanding field.


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